JCPenney Customer Satisfaction Survey


About the JCPenney Customer Satisfaction Survey

The JCPenney Customer Satisfaction Survey is found at It is an online survey that was designed by JC Penney that allows customers an opportunity to give feedback on services and products offered by them. Because the survey is done online, you can take it whenever you want.

Participating in this survey this you a chance to leave valuable feedback that the company uses to help make better products and give better customer service. To thank you for your time, the store is willing to give you a coupon that is good for multiple uses within the first 24 hours of use. This coupon is worth 10 percent off your next visit.

How to Participate in the JCPenney Customer Satisfaction Survey


You Must Have:

  • Have access to a computer and Internet access.
  • Be able to read English or Spanish.
  • Have your recent JCPenney receipt that contains an invitation for the survey.


  1. Go to
  2. Enter the access code (22 digits) from the receipt and click start when ready.
  3. Answer questions. These questions help rate your experience and can be multiple choice, boxes where you enter text, or a scaled system. Please read through the directions carefully and read each question to ensure you understand. Text boxes are usually optional, but if you had a poor experience, you should use them to give even more information to the company. You may also be able to choose more than one multiple choice answer. Please be honest and thorough; take your time and think about your answer first.
  4. After the survey, you will receive a coupon via your email. You can print off a coupon worth 10 percent off your purchase in store. Follow the directions to print out the coupon. You may not be able to print it out later, so ensure you have a working printer before beginning the survey. To learn more, click “Coupon Details & Exclusions” at the bottom of any page of the survey. There are many ways you cannot use the coupon, so it is important to read the rules.

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  1. I at moved to Washington State 6 months ago and was faced looking for a new hairdresser. I decided to try the JCP salon. I was given Lisa Fitz at Store #2327. I have been so satisfied with her professionalism that I have continued to come back to her. Penneys never ceases to lt me down with anything I do there from shopping for clothes, etc. to getting my hair done!!! Another thing, I am so happy to hear that Ellen DeGeneres will be representing your Store.

  2. I am totally satisfied with my local Store, Penneys #2327, esp. the beauty salon and hairdresser Lisa Fitz. She is so professional. Also, I am so pleased to find out that Ellen DeGeneres will be representing your store. Made my day.

  3. access code: 1071 193 0260 041912 1026 6
    Shopped at the Chapel Hill Mall in Cuyahoga Falls. Avril was most helpful.

  4. I was at JCPenneys this evening, a lady by the name of Gloria waited on me, she was very pleasant and helpful. Gloria went far and beyond. She made me feel welcome in the store. This store is in Huntsville, Alabama.

  5. NORDINE says:
    September 22,2012 at 11:37 am
    Ms CARMEN at the back desk (#2762) was very kind gentle and helpful,
    thanks for all JCPENNEY staff.
    Nordine access code:2762 403 2843 092112 2026 6

  6. I am totally sastifed with my local Store jc penny #1983 Woodridge Nj 07095 my access code: 1983 371 4976 092212 1519 9

  7. I recently went to look for a dress for my granddaughters wedding, I found just what I was looking for and was so happy to get a good price on it as, most everything had reduced prices. The clerks that were working there were so helpful, and pleasant. This made my shopping very pleasant.
    Thank you to the people that work in JCPenneys #0237 in Orland Park, IL. 60462 My Acess code 0237 202 5609 092312 1313 4

  8. September 27,2012

    We always appreciate the friendly and helpful employees at our local JC Penny store in Grants Pass, Oregon.

    Access code: 26577359701709211212534

  9. Have always shopped at JCP. Practically raised my 2 daughters there. Shopped at the Dothan, Al, store today. Love the new look of the store. Associates are always friendly & helpful. Keep up the good work!

  10. My sister and I went to Penneys to try on jeans. We each bought two pairs. Love their jeans! We like the nice courteous service too.Access Code 1535 091 4019 100612 1439 7

  11. I was at your White Lake, MI store on Saturday, Oct 6 2012 and want to let someone know that three of your employees went out of their way to help me. I had shopped about 1 hour when I realized I had put my glasses (used for distance) in the outside pocket of my purse and they had fallen out. I retraced my steps at least three times with no success. One of your employees noticed I was getting upset and looked tired. She offered to have me go set down and she would look for my glasses and asked me what departments I had been in. She got the help of two other associates and the three of them looked. I could not have driven home and had no one to pick me up as we only have one vehicle between my husband and I (I am disabled). Within 20 miniutes one of them found them on the floor and I wanted to cry with relief. Please tell them THANK YOU again for helping a person in a bad situation. I asked for their names so I could send this email. It was Kristie Lynn – Manager, Kristina – Associate and Liz another Associate.
    From a very appreciative shopper.
    Thank you very much.

    Dixie Janette

  12. BiBi was so very helpful on renewing my expired card. Also, Elizebeth went out of her way to find the jeans I was looking for. Thank’s to you both.

    Access Code: 0566 093 6868 1009121110 6

  13. 12 de octubre 2012 4:00 pm yo soy una persona que cuando compro escojo las tiendas y le cuento que Jcpenney es una de mis favorita.porque cuando voy consigo lo que quiero.esta ves fui a comprar unas tenis para trabajar y la señorita Yerenite me ayudo y fue muy amable y servicial.muchas gracias Jcpenney. Código de Acceso:0916 371 3055 100912 1937 6

  14. I recently shopped at JCP in Sandpoint ID. Oct 2012 Was the best shopping experiance yet at JCP. The lady’s name is Lorena. She was very very helpful and very pleasant. The kind of salesperson that brings customers back. Craig Royer

    Access Code: 2243 401 4521 101012 1547 6

  15. My husband and I shopped at JC Penney for men’s pants October 12, 2012. We were helped by Wendy – she was very helpful, friendly and courteous. Would ask for her assistance again.

    Access Code:2327 090 8188 101212 1134 3

  16. I was looking for someone to do my hair and I went to JCP (store #0911) in Omaha Ne. Melissa was assigned to me. I’d never made a returning appointment before, but I was so happy with what she did I continue to use her.All my friends and even my husband said it looked the best they have seen. I have been using her about a year now. My father passed away recently and we had to go out of state. I went somewhere else and the hairdresser that did my hair was really very impressed with the coloring Melissa had done. She said she thought Melissa had done a great job matching the my hair tones to the highlites.What a great compliment from one hairdresser to another. I will continue to use JCP as long as you have great hairdressers like Melissa.

    Access Code :0911 381 5865 101012 1353 8

  17. We are happy with the new, local PCPennys store in Algonquin, Illinois. I am especially happy with Cristina from the Beauty Shop. She always make me feel pretty and happy when I am there and when I leave!

  18. Thanks, Cristina! I Like my new hair cut.
    Penny’s Beauty Shop in Algonquin, Il is always helpful and friendly.

    Access Code 2950 381 2858 101312 1314 0

  19. I love jcpennys store they have great prices. Access code is0183 261 9638 101612 1900 5. Hope to win $500.00 shopping spree.

  20. octubre 12 2012 visite salon de belleza soy sobreviviente de cancer
    sali muy complacida por el trato que me dieron las empleadas del salon
    especialmente la que me peino y recorto muchas gracias estoy muy sastifecha por para jcpenney el cliente es primero accesscode;2751 382
    2751 3832622 1012120751 3

  21. We are always satisfied with the service at our local JC Penney store at Aberdeen, SD. Marlys was very helpful.
    access code 0495 093 3517 101812 1146 3

  22. I love shopping at JCP. They have the best close for kids and the best prizes. I always shop there!!!!!! The workers are so so helpful and nice.

  23. Visited the store in Springfield, Il and Lynne helped me with my purchases. She was extremely courteous and patient. The store was crowded and the lines were long.

  24. The Service in JC Penney San Juan Puerto Rico is really good and the employees are very complacients with the clients in the department of ladies clothes there are some brands and the prices and discounts are very important for the people of Puerto Rico.
    I apreciate that

    Thank you

    Luz Diaz, Marleen and Sandra Creyas

  25. when i shop i always use jc penney this way i know that i have a good product and jc penney stands behind there product. also they will go out of the way to help you.I tell all of my somalia friends to buy from jc penney today i bought some sheets they are really great i spent over $175.00 and i would do it again thanks for being there for me. Mariam Dahir



    R YOUR SOCIAL MARKETING? With regards with all truthfulness in my

    opinion, the store <J C Penney's has been helpful to more families who

    truly required their purchases as much as those whom just enjoy

    shopping there.

  27. It’s always nice to know that if I purchase a garment at the any of their locations I’ll be able to return it if need be whenever I want without any fuss.

  28. You need more salesmen like I met today, named Joel(assoc. 0189)I just stopped at a clerance rack of shoes and was looking at a pair of shoes when he came up to me and greeted me. He told me that the shoes that I was looking at were on sale for only $5.00 and not the $14.99 price that I thought they were. I asked him to bring me all that he had for $5.00 a pair in size 7. I bought eight pairs because he was not only helpful but so plesant. He was a joy to work with. I willalways look for him when I am back in the store.

  29. My name is Roberto Gonzaga.I am from mexico and I lived here 15 years and always buy my clothes at jcpenney,My favorite store.

  30. Access Code.0286 357 5693 103012 1910 9
    I like shopping at JC Penney Great deals! Now a chance to win a $500.00 gift card.

  31. i purchase 1 box of make up 164pcs of different kind of eye liner,lip gloss etc.worth of $370 value..i just got $49.50…awesome greatttt deal..thank jcp….access code 1156071961211021211207

  32. Today I visited the jcpenny store and was pleasantly surprised by the new look and the helpful associate named Peg. I was so pleased that after my initial purchase and a trip to the car, I returned to make another purchase. Thank you jcp and Peg for the special attention and the good quality and good prices.

  33. I am very pleased with the service i recieve at the JcPenny store #1930 in Marrinette wis. the people that work there are always willing to help you out there is one there her name is Jenny she always goes out of her way to make sure you find exactly what you need thats why i shop there and plus you get great quality for great prices thanks pennys

  34. My name is amy vanhorn i shop JcPennys store#1930 in marinette wis. I am very pleased with the quality and prices there so i shop there often there is one associate there that always is very friendly and curtious and makes sure you are happy her name is Jenny i love the rewards too thanks pennys access code 1930 092 9292 111412 1041 0

  35. access code:1480 094 0399 112312 1023 1 did not give me time to fill out survey. slow down questions for older people. thank you.

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